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Landscape Design

2D Landscape Plans &
3D High Resolution Rendering


Pricing Bundles:
Mini -$500-$1500
Small - $2400
Medium - $2900
Large - $3500
  • Residential and Commercial Design
  • Freelance Design Work
    • Planting Design​
    • Hardscape/Softscape Design
    • Irrigation Design
    • Landscape Lighting Design
    • Water Feature Design
    • Pool and Spa Design
Pricing bundles include up to three meetings, site analysis, 2D & 3D landscape design, up to three edits. printed & digital copies of all applicable landscape plans for final construction, & coordination with landscape contractor of choice.

Design size is based on size of landscape, any additional design elements, & any applicable site difficulties. 
Depending on the size of the project, final design delivery is achieved in 4 weeks or less.

Floral Design

Weddings and Events
All events are individually priced.
These packages give a realistic idea of floral costs & will be a gauge for final pricing.
Wedding Package Sizes:
Mini/Elopement - $500

-Bridal Bouquet 

-Groom Boutonnière


Small Wedding Package -  Starting at $1500

- Bridal Bouquet 

- Groom Boutonnière

- 2-3 Bridesmaid Bouquets

- 2-3 Groomsmen Boutonnières

- Centerpieces 

    *Minimalisitc vases, table greens, flower petals, etc.

Medium Wedding Package - Starting at $2500

- Bridal Bouquet 

- Groom Boutonnière

- 4-5 Bridesmaid Bouquets

- 4-5 Groomsmen Boutonnières

- 2 Corsages & 2 Father's Boutonnière

- Small Install OR Centerpieces 


Wedding Packages are a great way to simplify the planning process. However, if you need a customary wedding package, this can be easily achieved through a consultation.

See some things you need and some things you don't? It's easy to mix and match options to perfectly fit your needs.
*All Packages include Delivery*
Exact pricing all depends on flower choice & color, as well as market fluctuations in flower cost.
Large Wedding Package - Starting at $3500

- Bridal Bouquet 

- Groom Boutonnière

- 6 Bridesmaid Bouquets

- 6 Groomsmen Boutonnières

- 2-3 Corsages & 2-3 Father's Boutonnière

- Medium Install

- Centerpieces     

Extravagant & More- Starting at $4500

- Bridal Bouquet 

- Groom Boutonnière

- 7-8 Bridesmaid Bouquets

- 7-8 Groomsmen Boutonnières

- 2-4 Corsages & 2-4 Father's Boutonnières

- Large Install

- Centerpieces (short to medium arrangements 15-20 tables)

- 2-4 other large arrangements


Interior Plants

Design, Install, & Care
For businesses & residential homes


Design & Install
- 2D hand-drawn plans with a visual proposal
- Indoor plants and containers chosen & installed 
Plant Care
- Weekly Service (once a week)
- Bi-Monthly Service (twice a month)
- Monthly Service (once a month)

All care plans include:

- Watering
- Fertilizing 
- Pruning/trimming
- Dusting
- Rotating
- Pest Control
- Pot Upgrades
- Plant Replacements (in case of death, disease, over-grown)

Starting as low as $40/visit/per plant
All three services can be enacted together, but plant care can be independent. We can service pre-existing plants.
Pricing on all three services can be determined through a consultation and an official proposal.

Fruit Tree Pruning

Specialized pruning service for (but not limited to) edible apple, pear, cherry, plum, peach trees


5' or less - $45 per tree
6'-10' - $55 per tree
Mature Trees - Custom Quote

Seasonal Service (January-March)


Next step, set up a consultation.

So looking forward to meeting you.

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