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Tropical Leaves

Interior Plants

Design, Install, & Care

For Businesses
& House Plant Enthusiasts 

Living Room with Plants

It's time to re-think your work space.

Indoor plants are the ultimate way to create a comfortable, inviting atmosphere for your customers or clients. Not only do interior plants improve the overall ambience, they have a direct effect on everyone - even you and your employees.

We offer indoor plant design, install, and care in the Coeur d'Alene Idaho and Spokane Washington Area. 

"People today spend 80–90% of their time indoors limiting their opportunities to be exposed to a natural environment that is physically and mentally healthy." ¹

"Indoor plants in an office can prevent fatigue during attention demanding work." ²

House Plant

Our Incredible Services



After an evaluation of your needs and the space, we pick out plants that would thrive in your building environment. Along with high quality plants, we provide suitable containers & pots to enhance & compliment. We can design simple office spaces to extravagant mall entrances. 



To keep everything cohesive, we then order everything and install the design. No need to outsource to another contractor. 


Plant Care

It's important to protect your investments, and that's exactly why we offer monthly plant care. Depending on the plants, you can choose from maintenance plans that range from once a week - once a month. It's cost effective & ultimately provides a greater value to your employees and customers. 

"Mounting evidence indicates that when in natural environments, and/or even when viewing natural environments, that humans react positive..." ³

"Human response to vegetation, the color green, indoor plants, and plant-scapes viewed through the window have all been hypothesized to be a benefit to humans." ³

Encourage a 
"growth" mindset 

for your company & clients

Modern Green Interior
Plants Home Decor

See what's

Who would benefit from this service?

  • Office Buildings
  • Law Firms 
  • Boutiques 
  • Medical Clinics 
  • Hosptials
  • Dental & Orthodontic Practices
  • Chiropractic Practices 
  • Malls
  • Hotels - Lobbies & Common Areas
  • Show Rooms
  • Homeowners that leave town often and need plant care
Modern Interior Design
Hospital Waiting Room
Modern Office Interior
Open Space Office
Stand-up Meeting

Why is design part of it? Can't you just put any indoor plants anywhere?

We wish it was that easy, but just like plants in the landscape grow and perform better in specific areas, so do indoor plants. 

After all, indoor plants are tropical plants cultivated to thrive in an indoor environment, so that takes a bit of finessing.

If your space has a variety of environmental factors (which mostly all indoor spaces do), then choosing the correct plants can not be a guessing game - since they will continue to perform poorly.

Factors that are considered when choosing the correct plants for your space:

- Available light

- Drafts, vents, or circulating air

- Amount of monthly care desired

- Space available for plants to grow

Some plants are more picky than others, and we know which plants would suit you and your space the best. 

Along with plants, we also choose what containers your plants would look best in. We take into consideration the theme & style of the existing space &  choose pots, containers, and stands that would best compliment, highlight, and be functional in the space.

Grey Chair With Cushion

Interior Plant Design


Now comes the fun part. Dirt!

When you approve the design, then installation is scheduled. We will bring in the plants, pots, and whatever else is needed. Your space will be transformed!


Plant Care

For the plants that need the most, we will be there once a week. If you need your interior plants in tip-top shape at all times, weekly care includes watering, dusting, trimming, & all other aspects of plant care.


This is the most common choice for plant care. It will keep your plants in good shape without much hassle. Most indoor plants fall in this need category.

Plant filled contemporary office space


For the lowest maintenance plants, once-a-month care is a great option. 

All care plans include

- Watering

- Fertilizing

- Pruning/trimming

- Dusting

- Rotating

- Pest Control/Disease Control

- Pot Upgrades

- Plant Replacements (in case of death, disease, over-grown)

Join us in the revolution of indoor spaces.


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2. Ruth K. Raanaas, Katinka Horgen Evensen, Debra Rich, Gunn Sjøstrøm, Grete Patil,Benefits of indoor plants on attention capacity in an office setting,Journal of Environmental Psychology,Volume 31, Issue 1,2011,Pages 99-105,ISSN 0272-4944,
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