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a little about me

I'm Rebekah,

owner and head designer of Sage Tree Design LLC.

My background is deeply rooted in nature, culminating with my Bachelor's Degree in Horticulture.

I'm setting out to create something completely unique and monumental for our community.

I believe in the power of plant life - how it can transform not only a physical space, but every human life.

We have a great responsibility to care for our home planet, and to also relish and take special advantage of the beauty around! 

God has given us the materials to be master creators, so let's do it.


While I attend my duties at home as a mother and wife, I am anxiously pondering, working, and planning amazing things for amazing people. 

With my deep knowledge in plant science & horticulture, I am a skilled & experienced landscape designer, floral designer, interior plant expert, and you can occasionally catch me pruning fruit trees in the winter.

I absolutely thrive on creating beautiful spaces - ones that will evoke positive thinking, promote belonging, and ensure peaceful moments. 

I'm often asked,

"Why not just focus on one service?"

They are all in great need in our community. Even though my company offers 4 distinct and separate services, they all work interchangeably and function as a core horticulture powerhouse. 

Care, skill, time, and dedication are poured into each and every project. This is how we do plants. It is extremely special and important. 

Our goals are to educate, beautify, and foster great plant health in our area. 

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