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Landscape Design

Offering Professional Landscape Design Services for Residential Homes, New Construction, and Businesses in the Coeur d' Alene & Spokane Area.
A better landscape starts with a better design.  Professional landscape plans help to streamline the installation process, simplifying communication for everyone involved. The 2D and 3D modeling that is offered will amplify and accelerate your landscape experience.  
APLD Coeur d'Alene Landscape Designer, Spokane Landscape Designer
APLD Coeur d'Alene Landscape Designer, Spokane Landscape Designer
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Worth every penny. Amazing to see it in 3D and be able to manipulate it before any dirt even gets moved. Rebekah is very knowledgeable and accommodating. Would definitely use her again!

Chelsea Haynie

Hayden, ID 

Design Services

Plant Expert Coeur d'Alene Idaho, Landscape Planting Design, Low maintenance planting design

Planting Design 

Plants are the best part of every landscape. Correctly choosing and placing your plants is extremely important, so having a plant expert behind-the-scenes leads to long-lasting, rewarding results. We focus on seasonal interest, a variety of color, mixed planting beds, low maintenance, water-wise, and zone appropriate planting design.

Irrigation Design Coeur d'Alene Idaho

Irrigation Design 

It is absolutely essential to have a plan when it comes to water usage. Underwatering causes plant death, and overwatering is a waste of vital resources. Having a drawn out plan for irrigation helps to minimize mistakes & gets your new plants exactly what they need.

Patio & garden design Coeur d'Alene Idaho, Hardscape Designer, Pavers, Pergolas, Spokane Valley

Hardscape & Softscape Design 

Flow is the key to a successful landscape design. This is achieved through the movement of hardscapes and softscapes - how you get from one area to another. Outdoor kitchens, overhead structures, decks, paver patios, natural walkways, recreation areas, and more.

Pond, Water Feature, Water fall design Coeur d'Alene, Idaho Spokane Washington

Water Feature Design

Nothing can be as soothing as the sound of water. Your landscape is your oasis and a water feature is just the thing you need to feel relaxed. Water features can be naturalistic, modern, or whatever you can dream up. It isn't as difficult to maintain as it seems, and it can be a wonderful addition to your daily life.

Landscape Lighting Design Coeur'd Alene Idaho Spokane Washington

Landscape Lighting Design

Extend your outdoor experience into the night. No landscape is complete without lighting - it is essential for aesthetics and safety. You landscape will be a completely different experience at night, and you don't want to miss out. 

Pool and Spa Designer Coeur d'Alene Idaho Area, Spokane Washington Area

Pool and Spa

For the maximalists out there, a pool and spa is the ultimate landscape dream. If you're considering a pool one day, each pool is custom designed to fit your exact needs. It can create a magical experience for you, your family, and friends. 

Freelance Landscape Designer USA

Freelance Work

Are you another design professional looking for someone to help out on projects? I can work remotely for any location across the United States at a discounted rate. Reach out for more details.

How it all works

Above are the design services offered, but you don't have to choose all of them - only the ones you need. 

1. Narrow down a bit what you're needing and wanting

2. Contact to set up an on site consultation and site analysis. 

3. We will then discuss the design options that would benefit you the most and stick inside your budget. There are ways to work around any budget.

4. After an initial deposit is paid, then work on your design will begin! Within 1-2 weeks we will have a second meeting to go over the design thus far. 

5. After a bit of possible edits and such, we will eventually reach the desired out come through the 3D rendering. Final work will then be started on your official 2D blueprint plans.

6. Our final meeting will consist of going over the plans and making any last comments. And then you'll have a beautiful new design that can be used to streamline information to a landscape builder. 


Each design bundle includes:

Site Analysis

3D High Resolution Rendering with unlimited pictures


Up to 3 edits

2D Landscape Plans

Printed & digital copies of design

Coordination with Landscape Contractor of choice

Pricing Bundles

Mini - $500-1,500

Small - $2,400

Medium - $2,900

Large - $3,500

Design size is based on size of landscape, any additional design elements, & any applicable site difficulties. Pricing will be determined at time of consultation.
Final design can usually be achieved within 4 weeks or less.


Scroll through the slideshows to see all pictures and site plans.

Hayden ID 

We started from scratch with this custom home. All new plantings, hardscapes, water feature, & landscape lighting. This is definitely a show-stopper.


Hayden Idaho Landscape Designer
Hayden Idaho Landscape Designer
Hayden Idaho Landscape Designer



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